Soundgas is based in offices in the old stone Vicarage the picturesque Derbyshire village of Crich and now comprises six people - Tony, Founder and Head Gear Head, plus his wife Jo, Gid, Dec and Joel running the office, and now newest addition Huw the in-house engineer (plus a network of half a dozen or so independent techs specialising in the various different kinds of gear we sell). We've written a bit about each of us below (with mug shots to follow...), and if you want to know a bit more about where Soundgas came from, how it developed and where we're going you can read Our Story here.

Soundgas Team Photo

L-R: J,Tony, Gid, Joel, Huw, Dec


Music’s been a vital force in my life for as long as I can remember - my earliest memory of being intrigued by sound is holding my cassette recorder’s plastic mic up to the tiny speaker of my red National Panasonic transistor radio to record ELO’s ‘It’s A Living Thing’ and running downstairs to play my parents the bit when the whole song ‘goes all whooshy’ (tape flanging probably): “Listen to this!”

I had a taste of conventional work from 19 through to 24 - sales, financial services and later the drinks trade. While this gave me a good grounding in business/work practices, it left me in no doubt that this wasn’t the life for me. A pivotal moment came when my manager incredulously exclaimed: “For you Tony, work is just something that comes between weekends, isn’t it?”

I duly swapped careers and made my weekends work. DJing and organising club nights for the best part of 20 years - catching the beginnings of the electronic recording revolution - DJing at weekends left me all week to ‘play’ in the studio and funded my search for old gear.

Bob Dylan once said that a man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do: Soundgas is the result - I love what we do. We are constantly growing and evolving and for me it is a journey of discovery and wonder. This is my passion and I love that I get to share it here - thank you.


Jo and Tony first met in the 90’s when he was DJing - she did a fair amount of dancing. She loved his music and eventually they became a DJing and dancing partnership. Since then it has been a rollercoaster of babies, Binsons, boys & more Binsons.

In between school runs and meal times Jo is the Soundgas number cruncher, the one who sits in the corner trying to keep the money in the bank, the gear confined to the shelves and not spread over the hall, the floor, the desks, the chairs, our house. She could go on…

“Being involved in the Soundgas Journey is exhilarating. I love working with the team here: there is a buzz in our office that keeps the smile on my face all day. My ambition is to help Soundgas become a major force in music - the number one destination for tips, advice & great vintage gear.”


Through collecting records, playing those records to other people, and curating parties Gid has been immersed in music for more than 20 years. It was through those passions that he and Tony first met and worked together. At Soundgas he performs many vital functions including telling people that PC and Android are better than Macs, trying to help Tony see the wood for the trees, filling the internet with stuff about epic gear via our Instagram and other social media feeds, and plugging drum machines into everything and anything, just to see what happens. His current favourite piece of gear is the bonkers Maestro Universal Synthesizer System and he also loves puppies, world peace and Nigerian Highlife music.


I’m Dec, the FIRST (best) apprentice, and one of my biggest interests in the music world are the drums. This is why my favourite things to have here at Soundgas are drum synths like the Syncussions or the Ult-Sounds. The randomness and weirdness of these machines are really something to behold! One of my main jobs at Soundgas is packing and shipping the gear going out to our customers; ‘Practicing Box Surgeon’ is one of my titles. Working at Soundgas is a constantly changing experience, which could be anywhere from protecting an amps valves for shipping to taking apart and cleaning a Minimoog. Synthly awesome! (with apologies for that monstrous pun: Ed)


Hi I’m Joel, I’m the newest, upgraded apprentice and ‘resident guitarist’ here at Soundgas. My greatest passion in life is music, and more specifically playing guitar, whether that’s crafting a beautiful tone with a vintage Marshall, or creating out-of-this-world noises with our seemingly endless collection of effects pedals. I’m a big lover of Muse (we try not to hold this against him: Ed), so being able to work with a variety of Matthew Bellamy-esque effects just seems unreal to me. My everyday jobs here at Soundgas range from photographing our products ready for listing, to recording guitar demos with our pedals and amps, and gradually learning about how gear is repaired, so each day brings something new!

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